AllPallet offers the ideal solution for scenarios that require anti-corrosion, moisture resistance, rust prevention, and insect-repellent qualities when it comes to transshipment, stacking, and storage.

Crafted from premium polypropylene, our plastic pallets are engineered to endure the harshest conditions, boasting exceptional resistance to corrosion, moisture, rust, and pests. Allow us to introduce our PP Plastic Pallets – the ultimate solution for all your transshipment, stacking, and storage requirements. With their exceptional structural integrity and longevity, these pallets cater to a diverse range of industries, delivering dependable and cost-efficient storage solutions. Moreover, their remarkably competitive pricing ensures unbeatable value for your investment. Whether you seek a lasting storage solution for your warehouse or secure transportation for your goods, our pallets are the perfect choice.

Heavy Duty Pallet

The Type III heavy-duty plastic pallet stands as a robust and effective solution for handling substantial loads with exceptional durability.

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Single Sided Mesh Pallet

Suitable for light cargo turnover applications, primarily utilized in industries such as pharmaceuticals, convenience foods, paper, and flour production.

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Double Sided Mesh Pallet

Enhancing airflow to ensure optimal circulation and dryness, making it an ideal choice for industries like agriculture, food storage, and pharmaceuticals.

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Elevate your industry’s hygiene standards with our product! This solution finds its primary application in environments where hygiene is paramount.

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Four-way entry pallet

Maximize your storage capacity worry-free. Stack more goods without compromising stability.

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Nine legged blow molded pallet

Manufactured through the blow molding process for practicality, reinforcement, and versatility.

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Warehouse Storage Pallet

Reliable warehouse storage pallets designed for optimal organization and space utilization, ensuring efficient and secure storage solutions.

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Blow molding pallet

These pallets are essential for large-scale cargo transportation and storage within warehouses, ensuring efficient logistics and space utilization.

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Flat Cross Pallets

The Type III Flat pallet stands out as a robust and effective solution designed to handle heavy loads with exceptional durability.

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Double Side Nestable Pallet

Double-sided nestable pallets are compact and easy to stack for easy loading and unloading and safe transportation.

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Designed for handling and storage applications, providing flexibility in the way pallets are loaded, unloaded and positioned

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Logistics pallet

Logistics pallets are designed to optimize the transportation, storage and handling of goods, ensuring an efficient and secure flow throughout the supply chain.

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Leak-proof pallet

Commonly used in industries where there is a risk of liquids or chemicals leaking, preventing leaks or spills from contaminating the surrounding environment.

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Collapsible Pallet Collar

These are “Pallet Corner Protectors,” used to affix to the edges of a pallet, creating a safeguarding enclosure for transported or stored goods.

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