Outdoor camping choosing collapsible plastic storage boxes for the rear of a car

Outdoor camping choosing collapsible plastic storage boxes for the rear of a car

Direct sourcing from the origin using foldable crates can reduce intermediate links and improve efficiency
In recent years, activities such as driving to have a picnic and camping in the wild, enjoying nature have become increasingly popular. At this time, a convenient storage box that can be stored in the trunk of a car is needed. This storage box can also be used in daily life, so that the trunk will not be too messy. If it can be folded to save space when not in use, what kind of storage box should be purchased? ZNKIA Plastic Industry provides a guide for purchasing plastic storage boxes.

Look at the storage function.

The size of this storage box should be appropriate, which is convenient for organizing items and reducing volume when not in use.
Allpallet has developed three sizes of folding storage boxes based on different items and scenes and in accordance with various standards. The length and width are 530365mm, 600400mm, and 650*440mm, respectively. The open height is more than 300mm and the folded height is less than 95mm, which can save more than 2/3 of the space.

Look at the structural design, materials and aesthetics.

The storage box should be as lightweight as possible for daily use and movement, but it should not affect durability. Because food and fruits may be stored, safety and environmental protection are also required. The workmanship should be meticulous and the color should be personalized and attractive.

Allpallet’s folding storage box adopts a hinge-style design, which can strengthen the overall load-bearing capacity; it uses new PP materials that meet food-grade packaging requirements and have a long service life. It can also be customized in color and have logos and text patterns printed on it, meeting individual needs.

Choose a foldable plastic storage box for the trunk for outdoor camping!

The folding storage box adopts a design that can be opened, so that goods can be stored and retrieved without opening the top cover. When stacking up and down, the top storage box does not need to be moved, and the side door can be opened directly for easy storage and retrieval of goods.

The folding storage box can be used with a lid, or it can be used without a lid. It can be used to store and transport various items, such as food, fruits, and outdoor equipment.

Of course, these foldable storage boxes can also be used for home storage, such as storing toys, books, clothes, etc. Allpallet specializes in the research and development, production of recyclable plastic foldable boxes and provides overall logistics transportation and packaging solutions. The company has the ability of independent research and development, mold manufacturing, and injection molding production, the foldable turnover box made of new PP materials are lightweight, have a large bearing capacity, save space, durable and environmentally friendly, meeting the standard requirements, and can also be equipped with labels and chips, and other intelligent devices for information management.

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