A smart factory can use foldable crates with built-in chips and labels for efficient material handling

Intelligent factories are becoming more and more common, and more and more intelligent logistics equipment is being used. These devices can generally meet customers’ functional requirements, but they may not be able to solve systemic problems and optimize the entire process.

This requires a clear understanding of industry trends, product flow requirements, the degree of automation of production and manufacturing, the requirements for automation of key processes, and the requirements for intelligent logistics operations of key materials/products.

Especially, determining logistics management and operating processes and logistics information system selection. Smart plastic folding crates with labels and chips can be used to realize intelligent management by equipping them with different information systems, such as automatic loading, transfer, and delivery confirmation, and can also be used to manage the crates directly with a mobile phone, detect more transportation data such as temperature and vibration, trace the location of lost crates, and even remotely control the crates.

Allpallet is a company specializing in the research, development, and production of recyclable plastic folding crates and turnable baskets, and provides overall logistics transportation and packaging solutions. The company has independent R&D, mold manufacturing, and injection molding capabilities, and produces folding crates with new PP materials, which have strong durability, high bearing capacity, and are easy to clean and maintain.