Nine-foot blow molding tray

Nine-foot blow molding tray

Nine-pin designstacking more spacesave storage and transportation costs;Four-way forkcan be used with groud cattleforklift;Round corner designno steel nailsspikeswill not damage the goods and operators;

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External dimension(mm)
1200 1000 150 1t 3t
1000 800 150 0.7t 2t
1200 800 150 1.5t 4t
1200 800 150 0.7t 2t
1000 1000 150 1.5t 4t
1000 800 150 1t 4t
1200 1000 150 2t 6t
1300 1100 150 2t 6t
1300 1100 150 1.5t 4t

Applications & Characteristic

The product is integrated forming , all  trimming treat-ment,beautiful appearance.
Nine-pin design,stacking more space,save storage and transportation costs;
Use mold blow molding,high dimensional accuracy;
New raw material,impact resistance ,good bearing capacity.
Moth -proof,anti-corrosion;
Long service life,no need to repair;
Foot hollow double layer design,there are reinforcing bars to increase the bearing capacity.
The bottom is equipped with rubber pad ,which can in crease friction and effec-tively prevent sliding;
Four-way fork,can be used with groud cattle,forklift;Round corner design,no steel nails,spikes,will not damage the goods and operators;
Round corner design, no steel nails, spikes, no damage to cargo and operators.


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